£50 Offer

For a limited period, Mr Postman is offering £50 worth of free letters (about 70 items) for you to try this addition to the campaigner’s tool box: bags of paper letters in the post to people in power who need a wake up call.

Get your free credit now!

Open an account with us today at www.MrPostmanApp.com/campaign_tool, put £50 in your account and we will match it with another £50 of free credit.

Or, keep your money, still set up an account, but use your social media and marketing skills to get 50 or more letters sent by your supporters on your topic. We will then top up your account and give your campaign another £50 worth of letters.

Mr Postman is free and easy to set up. It’s up to you if you want to pay for letters or get your supporters to. Either way, there’s £50 of free letters waiting for you.

So put some of your eggs in a new basket and try Mr Postman today!

For more info contact Campaigns@MrPostmanApp.com

Terms of this offer

We only have 5 of these offers available so make sure you get in contact with us ASAP.